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    The Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment completely replaced the old Malta Individual Investor Programme. It allows investors to obtain Maltese citizenship after one or three years of holding residency status.   

    Several countries offer citizenship to qualifying investors. To name a few, there are the U.K., Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Dominica, Jordan, Montenegro, North Macedonia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and Turkey. The Maltese programme stands out for multiple reasons.   

    Let us take a closer look into the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. 

    What does the programme grant?

    The Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment is a path to Citizenship by Naturalisation. Provided by the Maltese Citizenship Act, naturalisation is granted to high-net-worth individuals and families who can contribute to the economic development of Malta.   

    The programme follows strict due diligence standards. Additionally, the regulations are limited to a maximum number of 400 successful applicants (families) per year, and the quota is 1,500 families for the entire programme.   

    Who is eligible to apply for the Citizenship by Naturalisation programme?

    The Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment is available for:   

    • Investors 18 years or older  
    • Dependents:   
      Spouse, life partner  
      Parents and grandparents of both spouses, subject to conditions.  
      Dependent children up to and including the age of 17  
      Adult children between 18 to 28 who are not married and are largely dependent on the main applicant. 

    Applicants must have no criminal record. They must have no denied visa in countries with visa-free agreement Malta. Moreover, certain nationalities are not eligible for the programme. 

    Why Malta?

    Malta, located at the crossroads of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, is a member of the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area. The island nation’s fast-growing economy is rated A+ by Fitch and A2 by Moody’s, presenting endless opportunities for investors.  

    Moreover, its political and economic stability provides first-class health service and a top educational system to the people. Malta was also rated the 2nd safest country in the world in 2020. It is also repeatedly recognised among countries with the best climate in the world.   

    Malta uses English as a primary language. Its beautiful weather, rich history and culture, and favourable regime for businesses continuously attract high-net-worth individuals across the globe. 

    Benefits of Citizenship in Malta 

    Citizenship of Malta gives successful applicants endless opportunities. From business, family security, travel, to lifestyle, citizens can:   

    • Be part of the fast-growing economy.  
    • Live in one of the safest countries in the world.  
    • Access leading health care institutions. 
    • Provide world-class education for the children.  
    • Obtain citizenship status that is inherited by future generations even if born outside of Malta. 
    • Gain the freedom to travel to 184 countries, including the USA, Canada, and Australia 
    • Gain the right to live, work, and study in all 27 EU member states, as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. 

    With a Maltese passport, you can broaden your world. And the more countries you have access to, the more potentials you can unleash! Where all around the world can the Maltese Passport take you, you ask?  

    Asia    Africa   Europe   North America   South America  
    Armenia    Botswana   Andorra    American Virgin Islands**    Argentina   
    Bahrain*    Burkina Faso*    Austria    Anguilla    Aruba   
    Bangladesh*    Cape Verde    Belarus    Antigua and Barbuda    Bolivia   
    Brunei    Comoro Islands*    Belgium    Bahamas    Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba   
    Cambodia*    Egypt*    Bosnia and Herzegovina    Barbados    Brazil   
    Georgia    Eswatini    Bulgaria    Belize    Chile   
    Hong Kong    Gabon*    Croatia    Bermuda    Colombia   
    Indonesia    Gambia    Cyprus    The British Virgin Islands    Curacao   
    Iran*    Guinea-Bissau*    Czech Republic    Canada    Ecuador   
    Iraq    Kenya*  Denmark    Cayman Islands**    Falkland Islands   
    Israel    Lesotho  Estonia    Costa Rica    French Guiana   
    Japan    Madagascar*    Faroe Islands    Dominica    Paraguay   
    Jordan*    Malawi*    Finland    Dominican Republic    Peru   
    Kazakhstan    Mauritania*    France    El Salvador    Uruguay   
    Kuwait*    Mauritius    Germany    French West Indies    Venezuela  
    Kyrgyzstan    Mayotte    Gibraltar    Greenland     
    Laos*    Morocco    Greece    Grenada     
    Lebanon    Mozambique*   Hungary    Guatemala     
    Macao    Reunion    Iceland    Haiti     
    Malaysia    Rwanda*    Ireland    Honduras     
    Maldives*    Saint Helena*    Italy    Jamaica     
    Mongolia*    Sao Tome and Principe    Kosovo    Mexico     
    Nepal*    Senegal    Latvia    Montserrat     
    Oman    Seychelles*    Liechtenstein  Nicaragua     
    Pakistan    Sierra Leone*    Lithuania    Panama     
    Palestinian territories    Somalia*    Luxembourg   Puerto Rico**     
    Philippines    South Africa    Malta    St. Kitts and Nevis     
    Qatar    Tanzania    Moldova    St. Lucia     
    Saudi Arabia*    Togo*    Monaco    St. Vincent and the Grenadines     
    Singapore    Tunisia    Montenegro    Sint Maarten     
    South Korea    Uganda    Netherlands    Trinidad and Tobago     
    Sri Lanka**    Zambia    Norway    Turks and Caicos Islands     
    Taiwan    Zimbabwe    Poland    USA**     
    Tajikistan*    Visa on arrival*    Portugal    Visa on arrival*     
    Thailand*    eTA**    Romania    eTA**     
    Timor-Leste      Russia       
    Turkey      San Marino       
    UAE      Serbia       
    Uzbekistan      Slovakia       
    Visa on arrival*      Slovenia       
        United Kingdom       
        Vatican City       
        American Samoa**      
        Cook Islands       
        French Polynesia       
        Marshall Islands       
        New Caledonia       
        New Zealand**       
        Northern Mariana Islands**       
        Palau Islands       
        Papua New Guinea*       
        Solomon Islands       
        Visa on arrival*       


    The Schengen Agreement, signed in 1985, is the treaty that built a borderless Europe, now known as the “Schengen Area.” It is the region’s most important borderless zone, including 22 European Union member countries and four non-EU countries. Malta joined the Schengen Area in 2007, along with 25 other countries.    

    1. Austria 
    2. Belgium 
    3. Czech Republic   
    4. Denmark   
    5. Estonia   
    6. Finland   
    7. France   
    8. Germany   
    9. Greece   
    10. Hungary  
    11. Iceland  
    12. Italy 
    13. Latvia 
    14. Liechtenstein  
    15. Lithuania   
    16. Luxembourg 
    17. Malta 
    18. Netherlands   
    19. Norway   
    20. Poland   
    21. Portugal   
    22. Slovakia   
    23. Slovenia   
    24. Spain   
    25. Sweden  
    26. Switzerland

    Financial Options

    Under the programme, applicants are offered residence status in Malta, leading to citizenship by naturalisation. Applicants may opt for either of these two routes:   

    1. Apply for citizenship after one year of holding residency status in Malta with a non-refundable investment of €750,000 to the National Development and Social Fund set up by the Government of Malta (plus €50,000 per family member included in the application).   
    2. Apply for Maltese citizenship after three years with a lower non-refundable investment of €600,000 (plus €50,000 per family member included in the application).   

    Applicants must also make a charitable donation of €10,000 to any non-governmental organisation registered in Malta. Also, the applicant has to lease a residential property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of €16,000. 

    Alternatively, purchase a residential property in Malta having a minimum value of €700,000. Such qualifying property is to be held for a minimum period of five (5) years from the date of issuance of the certificate of naturalisation.  

    Also, administrative and due diligence fees will be applicable, depending on family composition. And regardless of the applicant’s choice, the lifetime benefits will still be the same. 

    Process Timeline

    How long does it take to succeed in citizenship application? The process steps are as follows:  


    • The main Applicant gives the Agent a power of attorney to act on his behalf for the entire application process. 


    • The Agent performs Tier 1 due diligence on you and submits the Residency application.  
    • The Government Agency performs Tier 1 due diligence and obtains first police clearance.
    • Visit to Malta by the main applicant and all adult dependents to submit biometric data.


    • The Agent submits the Citizenship eligibility application to the Government Agency.  
    • The birth and marriage certificates are submitted to Public Registry and Passport Office by the Agent.  
    • The Government Agency performs a Tier 2 due diligence and ensures the correctness and completeness of the application.  
    • The Government Agency further conducts a Tier 3 & Tier 4 due diligence and presents the application and its findings to the Minister.  
    • On the Minister’s instructions, the Government Agency informs the Agent of the Minister’s decision if the Applicant is are eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship.  


    • Depending on the Applicant's level of chosen investment, the Agent presents the Citizenship application to the Government Agency. The period can be 12 or 36 months from the time you received your Residency Card.  
    • The Government Agency further updates its due diligence you the Applicant and presents final findings to the Minister.  
    • On the Minister’s instructions, the Government Agency informs the Agent about the Minister’s decision if the Applicant can be granted Maltese citizenship.  


    • You fulfil the Exceptional Investment, Donation and Property requirements.  

    Oath of Allegiance  

    • You and your adult dependents are invited to come to Malta to take the Oath of Allegiance.  
    • You are granted Maltese citizenship and are issued with a Certificate of Naturalisation and a Maltese Passport. 

    Investing in Malta is investing in your family’s bright future. Citizenship in the island nation brings lifetime benefits that you could maximise and pass on to the next future generations. While the whole process for Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment is extensive and inflexiblestrict, you do not have to complete it all by yourself.  

    Endevio is a team of experts who are ready to guide you every step of the way.

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