Malta has been steadily increasing aviation activity over the last few years. The Malta Aircraft Registration Act of 2010 is the primary source of Maltese Law on aircraft registration, and its advantages include the following: 

  • Registering the aircraft under construction once the craft is uniquely identifiable. 
  • Recording various details about the aircraft, its ownership or any other relevant interests. 
  • Registering an “international interest” according to which security interests are created, and their priority ranked. 

The competitive aviation registration and renewal costs complement the benefits within a well-regulated and high-quality eco-system. It is also supported by an attractive corporate tax system and fiscal benefits. 

Malta/EU/EEA/Swiss citizens can be aircraft registrants, provided they are residents or business owners in Malta. For non-residents, registration will depend on whether the aircraft is private or commercial. 

Our team of experts are ready to walk you through registering your aircraft in Malta. Be part of the 9H register and maximise its transparency, benefits, and grants for aircraft registrants. We ensure secure registration of your aircraft in one of the world’s best registers. 

Eligibility & Fees