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    Introduction to Malta GRP

    The Malta Global Residence Program was founded on the foundation of attracting expats to Malta together with their family. Malta residency has become more appealing to those seeking an opportunity to reside in a Mediterranean country in the heart of Europe.

    The GRP Rules are set to attract third-country nationals who wish to buy high-value property in Malta, while benefiting from a special tax status and Malta residence permit (which has to be applied for with a separate application).
    You may or may not have considered Malta as your base for your second residency; however, it's interesting to note that Malta offers special tax status by setting the personal tax rate on foreign source income remitted to Malta at 15% subject to a minimum annual tax payment of €15,000 with the possibility to claim double taxation relief. This is just one of the many benefits the Malta Global Residence Program can grant.
    Note: The Malta Global Residence Program gives you tax status in the Maltese Islands and not a residence card. A separate application has to be applied for a Maltese residence card.

    What is Malta Global Residence Program?

    The first thing you should know about the Malta Global Residence is the key concept to offer applicants a better way to optimize their tax opportunities. This means that applicants can benefit from a flat - rate of 15% on income tax
    What's more, the requirements of the applicant are minimal.
    The Malta Residency requirements are to rent or buy a property in Malta and paying an administrative fee amounting to EUR 6,000.
     Key Feature: 
    To obtain your residence permit in Malta with the Global Residence Program, you do not need to reside in Malta. 

    Benefits of the Malta Global Residence Program

    The Malta Global Residence Program offers a host of advantages for you and your family. Besides living and working in the heart of Europe, you can also benefit from:
    • Work Permit Entitlement;

    • EU/ Schengen/ Long Term Residence;

    • Remittance of Taxation [15% flat rate];

    • Family Members Included;

    • Faster Process than other Programs; and

    • No Minimum Presence is Required.

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    Taxation of Maltese Global Residents

    This exclusive scheme grants you a Tax Status under the Maltese jurisdiction.
    If you are a non-EU/EEA national, you can benefit from this program and can take up residence in Malta.
    It can be advantageous if you are seeking to establish an alternate residence to enhance your lifestyle and tax profile further.
    Under GRP, your income will be taxed on source and remittance basis.
    Which means, all the income with Malta source or any other income sourced outside of Malta but received in Malta will be taxed at a special 15% rate under GRP.
    As we mentioned earlier, Malta offers special tax status by setting the personal tax rate on foreign source income remitted to Malta at 15% subject to a minimum annual tax payment of €15,000 with the possibility to claim double taxation relief.
    GRP only gives you a Special Tax Status with a tax number to remit your income in Malta. 
    You can couple GRP with Malta Permanent Residency Program to get both Tax Status and a Residency card.

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    Eligibility for the Maltese Global Residence Program

    Eligibility for the Maltese Global Residence Program

    To be eligible for submission of Global Residence Program (GRP) application, you must:
    • Be a 3rd country national;

    • Be a non-Maltese, EEA or Swiss national;

    • Have a stable and regular income for maintaining yourself and your family;

    • Have medical insurance that covers you and your family globally;

    • Have a certificate of good health from a reputable health system;

    • Be fluent in one of the official languages of Malta (English or Maltese);

    • Not stay in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days in a year;

    • Hold a qualifying property.

     The Malta Global residence program gives you Tax status on Maltese Islands but not a Residence card. 

    Malta Global Residence can also be obtained by:

    • A spouse;

    • Adult children under 25 years of age; and

    • Parents above 55 years of age.

    Residence permit in Malta can be obtained by other family members who are dependent on the main applicant.
    If you want, you can also include more than one household staff in your application. Provided they have been serving you for at least 2 years in a systematic manner.
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    Moving on to the next critical question,

    What is the cost of obtaining GRP?

    To get the Malta residence permit under GRP, a number of financial obligations have to be met with.

    • Registration Fee - €6,000 (Government of Malta);
    • Annual Minimum Tax - €15,000 (covers only the first €100k of income remitted to Malta);
    • Qualifying Property - €9,600 (Rent per annum).

    What is the cost of obtaining GRP?


    Other than this you would be required to fulfil:

    Malta Global Residency Program Rules

    The GRP Rules list a set of continuing obligations that need to be satisfied by all successful applicants.
    For that, the individual must continue the following annually:
    • Not become a Maltese, EEA or Swiss national;

    • Retain the Qualifying Property;

    • Not become a long-term resident;

    • Retain insurance for yourself and your family;

    • Continue to have stable income resources; and

    • Must not stay in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days in a calendar year.

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    Malta’s jurisdiction is an attractive option if you are looking for opportunities to relocate.

    If you are thinking of becoming a Resident of Malta, some of the many factors that rank Malta amongst the top ones are:
    • Steady Economic Growth;
    • Political Stability;
    • Its Geographical Location;
    • Booming Sectors including Financial Services, Maritime, Aviation, Gaming and Real Estate;
    • Tax Efficient Systems;
    • One of the World’s Safest Countries.
    Many residents are attracted to this island state every year. They may be freelance professionals who can work remotely or retirees from countries like Northern Europe or the UK.
    Everyone who decides on becoming a resident of Malta is attracted to its natural beauty and architecture; relaxed lifestyle; the affordable cost of living along; and its rich historical culture.
    If you are interested in knowing about your relocation options; for all the assistance you require, please send us an email at info@endevio.com.