Updated: March 02, 2022 | 6 minute read

    Real estate, funds and businesses – these are some of the common things that high-net-worth individuals (HNW) invest in. These investments aim to branch out into more opportunities and further improve the families’ quality of life.    

    Apart from properties and revenue-generating investments, HNW families also consider dual citizenship. As most countries across the globe allow dual citizenship, more HNW families can see the advantages of obtaining second citizenship.

    How is dual citizenship a powerful investment?   

    Expanding your Horizons 

    Dual citizenship means holding citizenship in two different countries at the same time. It means you can live and work in two countries. You can also travel with ease with your two passports!    

    Dual citizenship allows you to travel visa-free to more countries. This entails epic travel experiences for you and your family, giving you the freedom to get an insight into new cultures and traditions. The more countries you visit, the more you know how many choices you have for your lifestyle, career and interests.   

    Access to More Markets   

    If you have access to more countries, you have access to more industries that you can optimise. Dual citizenship makes it possible for your family business to expand into other countries.    

    Different countries have different booming industries, giving you a range of business opportunities. It is also easier to set up companies in a country where you are a resident. Various countries offer advantageous regimes to redomicile your company, which gives you more game plans for handling your business.   

    Diversification of Capital and Investments

    With dual citizenship, you can freely move your capital within certain regions. Dual citizenship may make it easier to diversify your investments beyond your country!   

    One good example is acquiring a European Union passport. When you become a dual citizen in the EU, you can move your capital within the EU and invest it in any EU country. Dual citizenship gives more choices to what you can invest your money into.   

    More Real Estate Options

    More countries now offer citizenship by investment programmes that requires you to fulfil investment requirements. These requirements usually include purchasing or renting properties in specific areas in the country.   

    Depending on the programme rules, you can rent out or sell these properties after maintaining them for a required period, and in some cases straight away. The real estate options that dual citizenship entails are a great advantage, especially when the property sector is healthy and booming in your country of choice. Owning a property alone is already an advantage. You get to double that upper hand with your second citizenship.   

    Excellent Retirement Options  

    Retiring in a country where you enjoy the climate, lifestyle, and healthcare is essential. Dual citizenship allows you to realise that goal.   

    Having alternative citizenship gives you wider choices of where you can retire and spend the money on the lifestyle you desire!   

    High-Quality Education for Children 

    As parents, providing high-quality education for your children is crucial. Your dual citizenship can help you give your children more choices to study in another country and to stay to live and work wherever their alternative citizenship permits.   

    Like when you diversify your capital and investments, dual citizenship also helps you diversify the educational options of your children. Acquiring an EU passport, for example, allows them to study in the EU for more affordable fees compared to other countries’ nationals.   

    Acquire Dual Citizenship with Integritas Endevio

    Dual citizenship has become more accessible and more possible with citizenship by investment programmes available in various countries. These programmes jumpstart your citizenship through years of residency, offering flexible investment options that contribute to the country’s economic growth.    

    One of the leading citizenship programmes is the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. Investors can acquire citizenship in Malta in approximately one or three years, depending on their investment route.    

    Other countries that offer citizenship by investment programmes include Montenegro, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and Turkey. All programmes help you obtain your second passport, giving you, your family, and the generations that follow you all the benefits of dual citizenship.    

    Become a dual citizen in a country that secures the brightest future for your family and future generations. Let us talk about your best options today. Get in touch with us!