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    Second citizenship has become a popular choice for high-net-worth individuals looking to invest their money in good opportunities.  

    Thanks to the Citizenship by Investment programmes offered by over 20 countries worldwide, foreign nationals can now take advantage of second passports and all their benefits depending on what they’re seeking. Anything from residency permits that allow you full access to your country’s economy or simply an opportunity for visa-free travel is possible with this type of investment programme.  

    Why do people opt for second citizenship, you ask? Here are eight reasons: 



    1. Travel has never been easier! 

    For people who find themselves travelling often, the idea of having a second citizenship is not just appealing, but a dream come true. It allows visa-free travel and access to multiple countries, which boosts opportunities and has potential financial benefits in saving on visa fees or avoiding them entirely! 

    Depending on their passport, foreign nationals with second citizenship can get visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to several countries. If they come from a country with an excellent credit rating, the odds are that they would have a very powerful passport.   

    For example, Malta’s passport, which can be acquired through the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investmentranks fourth in travel freedom. Holders of the Maltese passport may travel visa-free to 103 countries and have visa-on-arrival access to 33 countries. Note that the list of visa-free countries and the requirements constantly change, depending on the geopolitical situation. 


    2. There are endless business opportunities out there.

    Access new markets, both established and emerging, with second citizenship.   

    The European Union and the United States of America have some of the largest economic zones in all-time existence. Those looking for opportunities to expand their business ventures can find many more success stories than failures. With a wide array of industries available for businesses, it is always worth looking into second citizenship. 

    In Malta, foreign nationals with citizenship can prosper in unique industries. From iGaming, Medical Cannabis and the rapidly growing real estate industry, there are plenty of business opportunities are available in all sectors! These are well-supported by the strategic geographical location, consistent economic growth and a highly skilled workforce.   

    Ease of Travel
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    3. Having a second option is like having two first choices. 

    Second life is the ultimate insurance. It’s an invisible safety net to allow for a more stable or desirable lifestyle elsewhere in unforeseen circumstances such as market crashes, natural disasters and other emergencies.  

    Malta joins the list of best countries for non-European nationals aiming to acquire a second residency or citizenship in terms of safety. The country offers excellent financial benefits to those who become Maltese citizens. Malta distinguishes itself with its exceptionally strong economy, its strategic position in Europe and its family-friendly environment.  

    11 reasons

    4. Quality education should always come first.

    Provide the best quality education for the children and open a brighter future, complete with limitless opportunities.   

    The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has stated that education plays a crucial role in human, social and economic development. And these are just some reasons families would want second citizenship–to provide their children access to world-class educational systems without sacrificing time spent abroad or family unity.  

    It is no surprise that Malta has one of the most educated populations in Europe. The country’s top-ranked educational system includes State, Church, and International Schools and several universities, including Malta University, ranking among the best regional and global levels 

    Child Education through Second Citizenship

    5. Preserving the family legacy is a duty.

    The best way to guarantee a prosperous future for your children is with second citizenship. This plan goes beyond establishing trusts and foundations or who controls the business; it’s passing on everything great from one generation to another!  

    Malta has a great deal to offer its citizens and is also very generous with foreign nationals who want their children to live in the country. If you have at least one parent with Maltese citizenship after your birth, then it can prove easy for you to become naturalized as well. That means getting second citizenship in Malta also promises future generations the right to live and work without barriers or restrictions within the nation’s borders.  

    Family Legacy with Second Citizenship


    6. Retirement is the time for new and exciting changes.

    Retirement can get expensive if one doesn’t plan. One of the most critical topics on everyone’s mind is choosing an ideal place with excellent quality of living. All while still having visa-free access into other countries just in case they need it later down the line.  

    Moreover, the place where one has lived in the past can lead them to what they seek. It could be a great environment, climate, and lifestyle that you desire for your retirement years. If one has already made money, then it’s high time to enjoy it.  

    The Malta Retirement Programme allows retirees to take advantage of all the country has to offer. In addition, you get access to an island nation in the Central Mediterranean Sea rich with history and culture that’s perfect if you want some sun on those golden sands!  

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    7. It’s a luxury to establish a status symbol

    Attain a high-status symbol, be treated best and make the most of the options. More freedom means more power.   

    One can own real estate properties, yachts and ships; enjoying all the benefits of ownership. The same goes with acquiring a second citizenship, as it is a status symbol to add to the list. All the reasons mentioned above brings a person to the gateway of maximum career and business opportunities. Second citizenship gives a person a chance to the best life available.    

    Status Symbol


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