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    The Permanent Residency Programme in Malta primarily provides permanent residency to non-European nationals and families looking to invest in the country, benefiting business, family security, travel and enhancing lifestyles.

    Become a Permanent Resident of Malta

    A Complete Guide to The Malta Permanent Residency Programme

    The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) helps non-European nationals to acquire Permanent Residency by investment in Malta. The lifetime status holds many benefits, including visa-free travel to the Schengen countries.  

    While the other countries offer various programmes for foreign nationals, the MPRP stands out, especially for non-EU/EEA/Swiss high-net-worth individuals. Learn the ins and outs of the programme with us! 

    Why Malta?

    Malta is a member of the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area. The fast-growing economy is rated A+ by Fitch and A2 by Moody’s, presenting endless opportunities for investors.   

    The island nation’s economic stability povides first-class health services and a top educational system to the people. Malta was voted the 2nd safest country in the world in 2020 and is popular for having one of the best climates globally.   

    Malta is also a member of the (British) Commonwealth. The country’s base currency is Euro (€), with English as a primary language.  

    So we ask, why not Malta? 

    Benefits of Permanent Residency in Malta 

    The MPRP aims to jumpstart your life in Malta without the tedious renewals and minimum physical stays. The lifetime status allows you to enjoy the following benefits:  

    Family Security  

    • Live in one of the safest countries in the world, according to the World Risk Report   
    • Have access to leading health care institutions   
    • Provide world-class education for your children   
    • Immediately feel at home with cosmopolitan roots in family and language   
    • Retain lifetime permanent residency for children even after reaching adulthood without reapplying   
    • Remain confidential as there are no name publications  


    • Grow in a progressive country   
    • Live the Mediterranean life   
    • Revel in the warm summers and moderate winters   
    • Easily communicate through English as an official language   
    • Settle down with a practical yet opportunity-rich standard of living   
    • Have infinite profitable investment property options   
    • Live in a pollution-free environment   


    • Get visa-free access to the 26 European Schengen areas for a lifetime  
    • Travel without conflicts with your existing citizenship   
    • Obtain a passport superior to other Golden Visas without the need for renewal 

     advantages of permanent residency in Maltaunrestricted entry to schengen area


    • Have your operations based in the European Union’s fast-growing economy and the world’s largest economic zone, rated A+ by Fitch   
    • Access the world’s largest economic zone reaching a population of over 500 million people   
    • Maximise investment options in a stable and booming real estate market 

    What does the programme grant?

    Applying for the Malta Permanent Residency Programme opens more opportunities for non-EU nationals. Once the application is successful, you may have the following:    

    • Ability to apply for long-term residence.  
    • Opportunity for the principal applicant to add children born or adopted after the approval date subject to an additional contribution and successful due diligence checks.  
    • Possibility for children of the principal applicant the spouse and any direct dependents, subject to an additional contribution and successful due diligence checks. 

    Who is eligible to apply for the MPRP?

    The MPRP is available for applicants who are 18 years or older.  

    You would need to prove that you have a total net worth exceeding €500,000 and a stable source of income. A certificate of good health from a creditable health system is necessary, and a clean criminal record.   

    With the possibility of applying for multi-generations, the principal applicants’ direct dependents may obtain the same benefits of the Permanent Residency in Malta. 

     apply PR for Multi-generations

    Financial options

    The MPRP has two investment options for applicants who want to invest in or rent Malta properties. You may opt for the Full Contribution or Reduced Contribution. Regardless of your choice, the lifetime benefits will still be the same.   

    Full Contribution   

    • Contribution to Government - €98,000   
    • Mandatory charitable donation to a Maltese registered NGO - €2,000   
    • Renting of a residential unit for five years in the South of Malta and Gozo - €10,000   

    Reduced Contribution   

    • Contribution to Government - €68,000   
    • Mandatory charitable donation to a Maltese registered NGO - €2,000   
    • Purchasing of a residential unit for five years in the South of Malta and Gozo - €300,000   

    You may also opt for the Real Estate option and rent or purchase real estate in other areas of Malta. The minimum rent is €12,000 per annum, and the minimum purchase price is €350,000.   

    Process Timeline

    How long does it take to succeed in your MPRP application? Following a careful, efficient process, your certificate of residency in Malta may take months. Follow the timeline and check the costs per stage:   


    • Initial due diligence checks   
    • Letter of engagement   
    • Optional background verification report   


    • Variable cost for initial professional fees and background verification report   

    Compilation and Submission   

    • Collection of documents   
    • Preparation of forms   
    • Submission of application to RMA   


    • RMA Submission Fees for €10,000   
    • Variable cost for professional fees   

    RMA Processing   

    • Start of RMA due diligence   
    • Independent due diligence review   
    • Possibility of clarification requests   


    • Letter of approval issued by RMA   
    • Payment of contribution to RMA2   
    • Fulfilment of government contribution   
    • Fulfilment of qualifying property   


    • Application Administrative Fee of €30,000 and €7,500 for each parent and grandparent   
    • Government Contribution of €28,000 or € 58,000, depending on the chosen option   
    • Mandatory Donation to Maltese registered NGO of €2,000   
    • Qualifying Property, minimum purchase of €300,000 or minimum rent of €10,000 per annum
    • Variable qualifying Insurance, Malta medical insurance   

    Permanent Residency   

    • Certificate of residence issued   
    • Collection of biometric data in Malta   
    • Malta residence card issued   

    EU Long-Term Residency   

    • Lived in Malta for five years   
    • Proof of stable & regular income   
    • Complied with integration measures   

    Download our guide for the definition of costs and additional information.  

    Citizenship Rights

    Non-EU nationals are granted EU Long-Term Residency (LTR) rights after five years of uninterrupted legal stay in the EU state with a stable and regular source of income, health insurance, and having complied with integration measures. The EU LTR brings closer many of the benefits of citizenship, which include:   

    • Access to employment and self-employed activity   
    • Education and vocational training   
    • Social protection and assistance (at least core benefits)   
    • Possibility, under certain conditions, to move from one EU State to another   

    The Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap.188) states that a person who has resided in Malta for five years during the seven years preceding the application is eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship.   

    You must have resided in Malta throughout the twelve months immediately preceding the date of application. You must have also lived in Malta for periods amounting to a minimum of four years during the six years preceding the above period of twelve months.   

    Applying for the Malta Permanent Residency Programme could be your next best investment. The whole process requires your full cooperation, assuring opportunities and benefits upon completion. Take the first step now. Get in touch with us! 

    Become a Permanent Resident of Malta