Updated: February 09, 2022 | 2 minute read

    Malta has once again ranked amongst the world’s happiest countries, according to The World Happiness Report.

    As a whole, Western Europe tops the happiness table by having 21 out of the top 38 countries. The Nordic region is seen amongst the happiest. Outside of Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, the United States and the United Arab Emirates also rank within the top locations.

    The World Happiness Report ranks the countries worldwide according to “happiness.” The resulting data is based on surveys and specific factors, naming Malta the 22nd happiest country globally.


    Malta, the 22nd Happiest Country Worldwide 

    Malta scores well in social welfare support, healthy life expectancy, and the freedom to make its own choices. Correspondingly, the country takes 22nd place based on surveys conducted between 2017 and 2019. The significant factors are having the sense of freedom to make critical life decisions, trust, generosity, and have someone to count on. There is also the economic output, healthy life expectancy, social support, perceived corruption, and recent emotions.   

    The World Happiness Report pays special attention to the inequalities in the factors and their effects on average happiness, considering the strength of the social fabric. A good social environment, which is present in Malta, helps in reducing the inequalities.   

    Additionally, the high life evaluations in Nordic countries are factored by a higher personal and institutional trust. The report evaluates income, quality social environment, and health. Factored risks include discrimination, safety in the streets, ill-health, unemployment, divorce or widowhood, and separation.   

    Benefits of Malta Citizenship   

    Given the quality of life in Malta, non-EU nationals are presently acquiring citizenship in the country for multiple benefits. Malta is a member of the European Union and Schengen Area, ranked as the second safest country globally and first in Europe. The island nation is also repeatedly voted as the best climate globally.   

    Maltese citizenship holds excellent business opportunities, which many non-EU nationals are maximizing. Families also have access to a top education system and first-class healthcare. These benefits support the resulting data of the World Happiness Report, assuring a good quality of life in Malta. 

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