Businesses must ensure that transactions are in line with the Malta VAT regulatory system and EU directives. The complexity of VAT rules and regulations is usually a concern for businesses, especially those involved in international trade.  

We have a team of Income Tax lawyers and accountants who provide clients with updates on local and EU VAT developments. We assist with:  

  • Tailor-made VAT advisory services  
  • Leasing structures (Aviation and maritime)  
  • VAT audits to ensure correct compliance and highlight exposure discrepancies  
  • VAT advisory services about particular transactions  
  • VAT compliance services, such as submission of VAT returns and recapitulative statements  
  • Application for VAT exemptions for high-value projects  
  • Working with the VAT authorities for VAT confirmation on particular transactions 

Be on top of your business taxes in Malta 

Stay in the loop when it comes to local and EU VAT developments with our team.