Our team of lawyers and accountants offer long-term personal tax planning solutions to save your heirs from hefty tax bills.  

Our services include:   

  • Review of the current structure of ownership   
  • Provide plans for disposal, transfers, and restructuring   
  • Offer tax-efficient succession structures   
  • Assist with stamp duties and tax considerations   
  • Guide in efficient use of trusts, foundations, and other vehicles   
  • Ensure usufruct considerations   
  • Assist in ensuring compliance  
  • Guide in donations vs inheritance considerations   
  • Real estate planning   
  • Advise on the structuring of the Board of Directors and distribution of voting rights and dividends   
  • Provide tailor-made shareholders’ agreements 

Have a long-term tax plan for your family 

Secure a proper succession planning for you and your heirs. Our team is ready to guide you. 

Drafting of tailor-made shareholders’ agreements

Advice on the distribution of voting rights and dividends