Malta’s notoriety as the English speaking, friendly people, the sun-soaked island has in recent years received a huge boost. Thanks to its reaffirmation as one of Europe’s highly lucrative property investment propositions.

At a time when the European property market has witnessed a downturn, the Maltese realty market has earned itself an envied reputation for being relatively stable with an excellent return on investment benefits.

Possibly, much of this is because the immovable property in Malta is still favoured by a legal system that does not impose a tax on the ownership of wealth.

This has been the catalyst for attracting many foreigners to take up residence in Malta or the sister island of Gozo, described as the place where time stood still. Correctly investing in real estate ownership appreciates handsomely over the years.

Adding to the appealing fiscal conditions surrounding property ownership by foreigners in Malta, other factors, such as a new high-rise policy, have fueled further growth in the property sector.

Effectively, thanks to this new policy, additional development to existing buildings in specified areas in Malta have extended the return on investment possibilities to large-scale development owners amongst others.

Investing in a property is a practice that offers returns in the long run, if the investor spends his or her money prudently.

Services include:

Thinking about buy or selling a property in Malta? We can help you structure the acquisition or the disposal of your property in Malta according to your needs and with the least tax consequences possible. We can also assist you in tax advisory services in relation to the liquidation or division of companies owning immovable property in Malta. 

We can help you to structure your holdings in immovable property according to your intentions, be it for personal wealth protection or business purposes.

We can help you to meet your income tax obligations in relation to income derived from immovable property. We can also advise you on the different methods of taxation of income from immovable property and assist you in choosing the most efficient method according to your circumstances.

We can advise you on your VAT obligations in Malta in relation to projects involving immovable property. We can also assist you in compliance obligations from a VAT perspective upon the sale of your business property in Malta.