Medical Cannabis



Malta took a vital decision and regulated its medical cannabis laws. In March 2018, it legalised the usage and possession of medical cannabis with a prescription. Whilst cannabis for recreational use remains an arrestable offence in Malta.

The 2015 Drug Dependence Act laid out the guidelines for patients to obtain cannabis-based medication prescriptions from government-approved physicians.

As per the new Malta Cannabis laws, the Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Research Purposes Act allowed entities to cultivate, import, process and produce cannabis intended for medical and research purposes under a controlled and supervised environment – provided all necessary regulations were complied with.

Key Features:

  • Operate your business in the European Union’s fastest-growing economy;

  • Opportunity to unrestricted access to the European Union (EU), the world’s largest economic zone; 

  • Make the most from total freedom of capital and income movements within the EU;

Additionally, Malta’s commercial features like a stable economic environment, a well-educated workforce, a competitive fiscal regime and an attractive business environment remain impressive, attracting investors from all over the globe.

Huge investment has turned Malta into a major logistics hub, offering sea and air logistics solutions with a flourishing freeport and excellent air-cargo facilities. 

Malta also boasts extensive passenger air links offering non-stop flights to some 70 cities with almost 1000 international flights per week.

According to the laws, any registered practitioner in Malta will be able to prescribe cannabis legally as long as they abide by the norms set by Malta’s Superintendent of Public Health.

All the patients with debilitating conditions and a valid prescription from a doctor registered with Malta’s Medical Council can legally and safely obtain government-sanctioned cannabis medications.

Malta has a highly efficient tax regime. Companies incorporated in Malta are subject to tax at the rate of 35% on their worldwide income and capital gains however with the system of tax refunds which Malta adopts, upon the distribution of profits as dividends, shareholders can claim a tax refund, reducing the overall effective tax rate to 5%. 

Malta operates the full imputation system whereby the tax paid by the company is imputed towards the shareholders’ tax liability upon receipt of a dividend, meaning that no further tax is due by the shareholder upon receipt of a dividend. 

Taxation of companies is also underpinned to the double tax relief. To date, Malta has concluded more than 72 double taxation agreements for the avoidance of double taxation. By virtue of domestic legislation, Malta does not impose withholding taxes.