Any conversation related to the iGaming industry is incomplete without mentioning Malta as the hub for it. Within the iGaming sector, the Maltese jurisdiction is looked upon as having a reputable and well-regulated Authority which supports rather than curbs the growth of the gaming industry. The Remote Gaming Regulations, published in April 2004, took Malta to the top spot by making it the first nation in the European Union to regulate remote gaming. As recently as 2018, the legislative framework was overhauled, bringing into force a comprehensive set of regulations that are serving to safeguard the public interest, generate jobs, attract foreign investment, prevent money laundering, and all without any compromise on the country’s GDP.

We can provide assistance for a portfolio of services in connection with your gaming activities in Malta, including incorporation and tax advice of the appropriate corporate structures, assistance in the licensing application, provision of key function services, gaming compliance, tax compliance, accounting, assurance and IT Audit services. Whether you want to start-up your business operations in Malta or plan to relocate your established business to Malta, we are committed to offer and devise a tailor-made service to your company needs. We understand that the gaming industry has specific needs, and our services are intended to cater to them.

Services include:

Pursuant to the new Gaming Act which entered into force on 1st August 2018, licencees are required to identify, at the application stage, those individuals who will be entrusted with key functions within their operation. Key functions may only be provided by natural persons. Such functions include the CEO, CFO, CTO and CMO as well as other functions which licencees may seek to outsource, such as Data Protection Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Internal Auditor and Legal. 

The process towards obtaining a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority entails a thorough due diligence exercise on all key persons, directors and beneficial owners of the prospective licencee, as well as the preparation and implantation of policies and procedures to ensure that the licencee will have the operational and statutory requirements to meet the obligations prescribed by law and policy. Not least, the applicant’s business plan is expected to have a detailed forecast of the operation, inclusive of marketing and distribution strategies, HR plan and growth targets. We can guide you through the application process, as well as preliminarily provide advisory services in relation to identifying the type of licence that would be fitting to your business model.

Licencees are required to go through a System Audit before they ‘go-live’ as well as additional System Audits and Compliance Audits at the request of the MGA. The applicant/operator is to engage an MGA-approved auditor, and whilst we have MGA-approved auditors as part of our advisory team we may also provide you with ‘Pre-Systems Audit’ and ‘Pre-Compliance audits’ which exercises would seek to ensure that the operator is in line with the MGA-approved system in advance of the formal systems audit.