The backbone of a flourishing first-generation family business is often the vision, tenacity and energy. However, as the family and the business grow, these strengths can become weaknesses, especially if the company fails to evolve beyond the original owner.   

Our family advisory services can help by strengthening the synergies between core founders and management. Ultimately, we build stable structures and systems and ensure the next generations' smooth transition and future sustainability.

Here are a few benefits we provide:  

  • Alignment of interest  
  • Privacy and confidentiality  
  • Improved strategies and governance systems  
  • Execution of bold growth strategies within the markets  
  • Potential for higher returns  
  • Enhance development and empowerment of talent through training  
  • Sustainability  
  • Safeguarding the interests of the next generation  
  • Separation, or at least a distinction, between the family business and the family's wealth  

With relevant experience and competencies across various areas, we adopt an independent approach to the differences in personality between the generations and the strategic direction set by the stakeholders. Overcome the challenges of passing your businesses on to generations with us.   

Our Services include:

Sustainability and Profitability

Sustainability and Profitability

Let us assist you in getting the board to champion sustainability and incorporate it into strategic plans. We focus on creating long-term financial value and set and develop financial structures and reporting. Get advice on the family constitution, foundations, and trusts.

Strategies and Governance

Strategies and Governance

We set strategic objectives and identify growth strategies. Get help on amelioration of current service offerings, business and market assessments, and emerging markets. We also develop a governance framework, including:

  • Composition of the Board
  • Organisation structure and reporting lines
  • Internal control systems
  • Policies, processes, procedures, and code of conduct
  • Resource Development

    Resource Development

    Develop professional and technical competencies with us. We analyse training needs, develop leadership skills, and manage your talents. Let us help you enhance operational performance by aligning operational plans with strategy and advice on operational transformation and process improvement. 

    Wealth Management

    Wealth Management

    Ensure succession planning by distributing voting rights and dividends and drafting shareholders' agreements. Let us assist in estate planning and developing robust financials involving capital management and investment planning. You can also trust us with tax planning and management. We are experts in:

  • Reduction of the tax burden
  • Compliance with tax reporting obligations
  • Tax-efficient acquisitions, restructuring and disposals
  • Cross-border tax opportunities
  • Contribution to the Social Environment

    Contribution to the Social Environment

    We can assist you in establishing funds for philanthropy and building family businesses' commitment to energy efficiency and natural resource management. We can work together on social impact investments. Grow your family business with us Ensure the continuous growth of your family business through the advice of our experts.