Through the Continuation of Companies Regulations (Legal Notice 344 of 2002 as amended by Legal Notice 352 of 2003 and 181 and 186 of 2006), it is possible to:  

  • Continue a foreign company in Malta  
  • Continue a company incorporated in Malta outside of Malta  

Companies formed and registered under the laws of an approved foreign country may request for registration in Malta if the country’s laws permit. The laws must be akin to the laws of Malta, and the company must be authorised to redomicile by its constitutive documents.  

Requirements for Redomiciliation 

The Registrar of Companies in Malta will require a copy of the revised constitutive document, a certificate of good standing issued by the foreign competent authority, and a declaration signed by at least two directors of the foreign company. Apart from these documents that must come along with the request, the Registrar of Companies in Malta will need other supporting information.  

Moreover, a company registered under the Companies Act in Malta may apply to have the company registered as continued outside Malta. The request for the Registrar’s consent must come with other documents, including a declaration by at least two directors to confirm the necessary information. The company must also complete various requirements.  

Our team of experts are ready to walk you through the process of company redomiciliation. The number of requirements can be overwhelming, but we can help you complete your request. We ensure a smooth continuation of your company in Malta and adherence to all the formalities and procedures. 

Eligibility & Fees