As a jurisdiction, Malta offers a wide range of attractive and internationally competitive schemes that may serve as effective solutions to cater for tax planning needs of expatriates with global interests.

Integritas Endevio is both an Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM) and an Accredited Agent with Identity Malta. Consequently, our team may assist in the application for Special Tax Programmes, the Malta Individual Investor Programme and the Malta Residence and Visa Programme.

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As a result, expatriates who may not be familiar with the local legislative scenario are able to gain the maximum advantage from Malta’s tax planning solutions, whilst enjoying peace of mind that a fully qualified team of professionals are handling all the details.

Our team of experienced tax professionals may assist you by offering specialist tax advice to help you identify the key options available to you, and will also handle all the necessary applications and procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take to set up a company within Malta?

The exact time it takes to incorporate a company depends on whether the necessary documentation and information are available and appropriate on the type of company being incorporated.  

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Q2. What types of companies can be incorporated within Malta?

The standard commercial companies can all be set up within Malta, including limited and public liability companies (Ltd. and plc.) and commercial partnerships.   

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Q3. Can I set up a company to hold overseas investments while undertaking trading activities?

Yes, this is possible. You can set up a company to carry out trading activities and hold local or overseas investments. If the company is a single-member company, i.e., it is owned only by one shareholder, it is only allowed to carry out one main activity.

Q4. What is the procedure of setting up a company in Malta, and what documents do I have to prepare?

Setting up a company in Malta is very straightforward and takes only two working days. We would require all due diligence documents for the company shareholders, including copies of passports, bank and professional references and recent utility bills.  

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Q5. Do I have to be a Maltese resident to set up a company in Malta?

Non-residents (both companies and individuals) can set up companies in Malta as there are no restrictions on nationality and residence.  

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Q6. Can I open a subsidiary or a branch in Malta?

Yes, companies from overseas can easily establish branches or subsidiaries that run under the rules of limited liability companies in Malta. There are several benefits for each type of entity. To better understand how you can set up such a structure in Malta, we recommend you talk to one of your advisors.