Endevio's strategic partner, Integritas Trustees Ltd (C 22574) is authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Trusts & Trustees Act. Integritas Consulting Ltd (C 52711) and Integritas Corporate Services Ltd (C 52395) are licensed by the MFSA to act as Corporate Services Provider. Such a license gives an added seal of recognition to our professional status and reaffirms our approach.  The license entitles the company to:

  • Incorporate companies or other legal entities;

  • Act as a director or company secretary or a partner in a partnership; or

  • Provide a registered office, business or administrative address or other related services.

We have a wide range of contacts in areas such as property consultancy, legal advice, independent financial advice and private banking; with whom we are able to make introductions for client’s specific requests to ensure the relevant expertise.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to international clients which are also extended to facilitate any specific requirements the customer may have in Malta. Our services in these areas encompass:

Services include:

Our team of corporate services administrators provides enterprise support functions to assist clients and their businesses in the formation of companies and their legal requirements. We assist in the drafting of ad hoc Memorandum and Articles of Association for their specific commercial exigencies and also act as their representatives for the incorporation of their company in Malta.
Whether you intend to incorporate a company in Malta or continue an already existing company in Malta or even outside of Malta, we can provide technical guidance and professional assistance throughout the whole process. In relation to the continuation of companies, we strive to get involved from the onset in order to provide clients with the most advantageous and cost-effective, business-friendly solution to ultimately move the seat of a company whether to Malta or out of Malta. Besides providing clients with consultancy services in relation to redomiciliation, we also assists with the preparation of the necessary documentation and maintains swift communication with the relevant authorities thus ensuring the smooth continuation of the company in Malta and adherence with all the formalities and procedures.

Maltese Company Law states that a private company must have at least one director and one company secretary. Our team is able to provide such professional services by offering widely experienced company directors and company secretaries in different role types on behalf of our clients’ entities.

Our team of corporate services administrators provides enterprise support functions to assist clients and their businesses in the formation of companies and their legal requirements. We provide cost-effective and efficient Malta company formation and company administration services in Malta, including:

  • Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association;

  • Preparation and submission of VAT and tax returns and other related forms;

  • Fiduciary services for shareholding;

  • Directorship and Company Secretary services;

  • Registered office services; and

  • Any other ancillary services related to incorporation and company maintenance.

We can also provide legal and tax advice in relation to your company formation in Malta, ensuring that the Malta company so registered complies with all local company law and financial services regulations and is in line with your business objectives

With our extensive experience in dealing with local banks, we can assist both companies and individuals in opening bank accounts in Malta.

Every company registered in Malta must have a registered office in Malta. We can provide registered office facilities to companies registered in Malta.

Be it a merger by acquisition or by the formation of a new company, a division of companies, or a local or cross-border transaction, investors and sellers can rely on our comprehensive support addressing all matters in between the negotiations between the parties, structuring/restructuring, tax advisory, financial due diligence, valuations, and registration of the relevant instruments. Coupled with an out wide network of business advisors and consultants, we are best positioned to service cross-border transactions, bringing to the table professionals from the relevant jurisdictions and forming a single team to formalise the deal.