Company Formation in Malta

Our professionals here at Endevio specialise in Company Formation. We provide a cost-effective range of services including company registration, management, assistance with the opening of corporate bank accounts, accounting, and tax planning. These services are intended to support those looking to invest and establish a company in Malta.

As a jurisdiction, Malta offers a wide range of attractive and internationally competitive incentives that may serve as practical solutions to cater for the company formation planning needs of investors with global interests.

Company Formation Services Include

Private and Public Limited Liability Companies

The most common type of entity in Malta is the limited liability company. It may have the status of a Private or Public Liability Company. The main difference between the two is the limitation in the number of shareholders. Whereas private limited liability companies must have less than fifty (50) shareholders, public limited liability companies can have more than fifty (50) shareholders. The minimum share capital required to incorporate a public limited liability company is significantly greater than what is necessary for a private limited liability company.

Our company formation specialists can provide you with further information about the requirements pertaining to the establishment of a company in Malta.

Find out more about Private and Public Limited Liability Companies.

Malta Trading Company Formation

In Malta, trading companies are free to conduct any business activity within and outside of the country. Endevio can assist with incorporating a trading company in Malta within a short period upon receipt of the necessary documents.


Malta Holding Company Formation

Holding company formation in Malta is a popular choice for investing in the country. A Malta holding structure can be utilised for various purposes, including holding shares in other companies. Endevio will endeavour to have your holding company established within a short period.


At the Endevio, we strive to assist clients with professionalism and utmost efficiency. The firm has a wealth of experience in the corporate and private client spheres and an excellent working relationship with the Maltese authorities.

Endevio is also an Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM) as well as an accredited agent with Identity Malta.

As a result, investors who may not be familiar with the local legislation can gain the maximum advantage from Malta’s tax planning solutions whilst enjoying peace of mind that a fully qualified team of professionals are handling all the details.


How Can Endevio Assist You?

Our experienced professionals will assist you through expert advice in identifying the key options available to you and will also handle all the necessary applications and procedures. Endevio also provides a full range of services, including registered office, fiduciary shareholding, payroll, tax and VAT, and accounting services

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